IV-CV Lab.

Kulicke and Soffa Model 4124 Ball Wire Connector

  • The purpose of the gold ball wire connector is to provide conductive leads from an integrated circuit chip or any other device that needs connection so that power can be applied and signals can be received from finished devices.
  • Typically the device is mounted on or inside a standard board, but in some cases directly onto a printed circuit board or another substrate.
  • Ball bonding requires the first bond to be a ball-type bond and the secondary bond to be a capillary wedge bond.
  • The bonding process requires the precise application of heat, ultrasonic energy, physical force, and time to create a durable connection between the device and the substrate.

Keitley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System

  • I-V Source Measurement Unit (SMU): ± 210 V / 100 mA or ± 210 V / 1 A module, 100 fA measurement resolution, 10 aA measurement resolution with optional preamp, 10 mHz – 10 Hz very low-frequency capacitance
  • Measurements: 4-quadrant operation, 2 or 4-wire connection
  • CV Multi-Frequency Capacitance Unit (CVU): AC impedance measurements (CV, Cf, Ct), 1 kHz – 10 MHz frequency range, ± 30 V (60 V differential) built-in DC pole, ± 210 V (420 V differential), Optional Simple switch between IV and CV measurements with connected CVIV Multi-Switch
  • Pulsed IV Ultra Fast Pulse Measurement Unit (PMU): Two independent or synchronous channels as high speed pulse IV source and measurement unit, 200 MSa / sec, 5 ns sampling rate, ± 40 V (80 Vp-p), ± 800 mA Random waveform generator for transient waveform capture mode, multi-level pulse waveform with 10 ns programmable resolution
  • High Voltage Pulse Generator Unit (PGU): Two-channel high speed pulsed V source, random waveform generator for multi-level pulse waveform with programmable resolution of ± 40 V (80 Vp-p), ± 800 mA, 10 ns Segment ARB® mode
  • I-V / C-V Multi-Switch Module (CVIV): Easily switch between I-V and C-V measurements without reconnecting or removing probe needles, moving C-V measurement to any terminal without reconnecting or removing probe pins, ± 210 V DC routing capability

Motic PMS-1000 Microscope

  • 355nm – 1064nm designed for inspection and laser work, built around specially coated optics. 3 lens change turrets.
  • Magnification range: 20X-2000X
  • Focus Adjustment: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing wheels [left / right] [50mm range of motion, 0.1mm / rev. for fine tuning, 4mm / rev. for other adjustments
  • Tube Lens: 1x [ultraviolet and infrared] and 2x [visible]
  • Applicable laser: 1064/532 / 355nm NWR laser
  • Loading weight in optical tube: 20.5 kg